I will die if I cant keep making art...  Yeah, okay, I know I'm being dramatic, but artists are drawn to high drama after all, and sure, it probably wont be an immediate death with gore and guts and all that visceral gunk, but a piece of me will die none the less.  If you dig my art and would like to support my confused yet hopeful soul to continue clinging on to scraps of hope, stuttering possibilities and slender rays of sunshine, please sign up to my Patreon account here (link not yet active... alas...).  You can join (no you cant) for as little as $1 a month and it will give you some further insights into my creative process and explorations. Every little bit is GREATly appreciated, and allows me to spend more time creating content to share with you, which is really the only thing worth giving a damn about right? :D Well, I suppose stopping global warming and world peace would be ok... Anyway, I love making art and welcome any feedback you want to hurl at me... even if you want to hurl at me.